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    In recent years there’s no doubt that the most pioneering drift series in the world has been the IDC. This entertainment machine has been the brainchild of David Egan who, with the support of his team, has utilised his foresight, vision and drive to not only increase the popularity and fanbase, but it’s respect within the huge pool of top level drivers throughout the world.


    irish drift championship kevin quinn Tomas Kiely Drift battle IDC

    It takes a lot of effort to run a minor drift event (in previous years I’ve judged at grass roots competitions, and the amount of effort behind the scenes was unbelievable). To be able to run a national series, take what has been achieved to date, and then push it beyond what anyone could ever have expected. Then to do it again with the British Drift Championship just proves what a force the management and media team are.


    irish drift championship s14 ae86 drift tiwn v8

    So what is it about the Irish Drift Championship that draws the crowds, viewers and drivers from all over the world. Let’s be honest some of it has to be down to the fact that it’s in Ireland and there are some things that are a given;  The Irish Culture, the mentality towards motorsport, the skill and tenacity in which they compete, even their accent just draws you in. Then before you know it, you’ve spent 8 hours of your weekend watching people drive around sideways, probably in terrible conditions, on your laptop and then the IDC made you feel like it was an acceptable use of your weekend, and then proceed to check the price of cheeky ferry over to the next round.


    R32 dealth width nankang tyres Drift IDC Brian Egan

    I think it’s taken a lot more than clever brand awareness and a livestream to convert this championship into what it has become today, and looking at it from a driver's perspective may be able to give a slightly different insight into this.

    Kieran Hynes and his judging comrades have transformed the way in which UK drifting has been approached for a number of years now. He has been pivotal in improving the quality of drifting by implementing track layouts with entertainment in mind; and pushing drivers to change the mentality of how you approach a battle.


    GS300 Aristo IDC 2jz 4door drift mondello park stone motorsport

    From my own past experience of drivers’ briefings in the BDC, they would tend to end in minutes of boring discussions based on something like ‘if the lead car goes off line, as the chase car what do I do?’ (especially if I’m being boring and leaving a gap). It felt to me like people just wanted to try and work out the safest way to win. Where as now, there is never any doubt: the chase drivers can have the confidence to throw the car sideways right on the lead car’s door every time, because the judges are able to make the distinction if the lead car makes a mistake, especially with instant replays. There’s really no reason to hold back, and if you do, you’ll be penalised.


    low brain drifter v8 ps13 drift idc 2016

    I’m lucky enough to have been over to the IDC a number of times in the 2016 season (mainly due to living so close), including Round 1 and Japfest - Final Fight. Both of these rounds were held at the iconic home of drifting in Ireland: Mondello Park. Attending these events during my year out from driving has really made me focus on how I want my style to develop.


    prodrift acadamy drift wall run FC rx7

    When you watch the guys over in the IDC, the styles on display vary so much from driver to driver, it means you are never really sure what’s about to happen next. Across all classes they have guys who are pinpoint consistent like TJ Berny and James Deane. Driving against them, if you made a mistake, you’ll be sure to be going home. On the other hand you have guys like Mark McBurney, Mike Fitz and the Shannahan’s, anything less than your most outrageous wall riding, clutch kicking, bumper destroying run will see you fall short of their inch-perfect danger drifts. I can only imagine that the way to approach the IDC as a driver is to go maximum attack, every run, every clip, every wall; or if you don’t, then you may as well be watching from the grandstand.


    Jack Shanahan drift s13 drift IDC wall run Celica

    Next issue is out soon, till then take it easy and check these links!


    • All photos this issue by FJ photography




    • Joe Ankers




    • The Irish Drift Championship

    IDC Homepage






    There are some things about drifting you cannot put into words, or explain in a way which anyone can understand. The level of concentration that you reach while millimetres away from the car you are mirroring. The state of mind when everything’s in slow motion, when you can hear and feel every particle of rubber and dust, when your peripheral vision tracks debris hitting your windscreen as you focus on your target. That feeling at the end of the run when you're awaiting the result of a battle when in reality you don’t care which way the result goes because that run was f*cking awesome.


    STL S13 180sx 200sx DRIFT2013 PS13 Photo: Alistair Graham (STL)

    For everything else that can be put into words, I’m going to try and put them down in this blog. Over many years I recorded and shared my drifting experiences in a build thread for my old Ps13/Onevia on the now minimally used Driftworks Forum. In a way it's sad that social media like Facebook and Instagram have taken over from online forums I felt like the words accompanying the pictures really could explain the feeling and reasoning behind what was going on, and maybe convey some of the emotion of a particular time, especially when written in the first person.


    S14 200SX 18X10.5 STYLE49 DISHED WHEELS2017 S14  - Photo: Ffion Jones

    "Why now? Why here?" you may ask… Well the timing for me is right. So let’s fill in the gap with abit of history.  The old build thread finished around the end of 2013, I was lucky enough to be part of Team CarLoan4u, with two of my best friends within drifting Alex Law and Matthew Samuel. 2013 was our first full season within the BDC, we managed to win the constructors championship in cars that we had built in carparks and driveways. Against all of the odds, against Teams with huge budgets, with a little help from CarLoan4u we managed to stay afloat and buy some gazebos and snatch the championship by a handful of points. The following year the 2014 season saw the CarLoan4u team disbanded, even though I had continued success I made the decision to retire my Nissan Ps13/Onevia from competition.


    VG30DETT S14 STL 200sx drift side2015 VG30DETT S14 - Photo: Alistair Graham (STL)


    2015 was spent developing the New S14 chassis (the trials and tribulations of this teething process will be covered in the next post focusing on the build of this new chassis). I took the decision at the end of that year to take a season out from drifting. I had a lot of personal changes and challenges over the next 12 months and I knew if the S14 setup was the one i wanted to use going forward then there had to be some changes to not only the chassis, engine and aesthetics but also to myself. All of this was going to take time and money.


    S14 200SX 18X10.5 STYLE49 DISHED WHEELS2017 S14  - Photo: Ffion Jones


    So we come to today, where the new car is built and it’s in the stages of ironing out the teething problems. As you can see it is now yellow and fitted with a fresh SR20DET. The plan for this build in not only be ready for the 2017 season but a 3 year assault on competitions, exhibitions, drift events and basically every opportunity to drive we can physically manage to attend.

    This blog’s aim is to cover these events, the ups, the downs and everything in between from car setup, drift preparation and styling, through to driver progression.


    2017 S14 ft. 7Twenty style 49 in one off Hyper Silver - Photo: Ffion Jones


    So, why here…. 7Twenty are a company that have literally taken my goals for the next few years and stamped them with a ‘hell yeah’. So this seemed like as appropriate a place as any to publish this journey.

    Don’t be under any illusion: This isn’t going to be the most powerful car, I'm not going to be the next James Deane, but this will be a continuation of a journey of a normal guy who has built a car to push himself and the car as far as possible, which stopped when I tried to mix drifting with being an adult. I've decided being an adult can wait a few more years, there is plenty of time for that.

    Till then, Here’s some useful links

    Take it easy,



    Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/brosefer/
    Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/Joe.Ankers.Drives/
    Original ps13 build thread - http://www.driftworks.com/forum/drift-car-projects-builds/76140-joe-s-onevia-bdc-street-legal-carloan4u-co-uk.html
    FWJ photography page - https://www.facebook.com/ffionjonesphotography